How to Make a Homemade Cock Ring?

Don’t know when to start, an increasing number of people start to make their own sex toys. Among all kinds of sex toys to make, it seems that there are many sex toys that can be difficult to make by themselves, not include cock rings, because it seems that cock rings are easy to make no matter what size and materials you need. In fact, there are many toys that can be chose to make a homemade cock ring. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the danger and other risks compared with other homemade sex toys. After all, they are just used around your penis.

homemade cock ringIn fact, if you are going to make a homemade cock ring, it won’t spend you too much time. and it is very cheap, you even don’t need to spend any money buying something. For the materials, it is easier for you to find at your house, rubber, stainless steel, cloth, you name it. In my opinion, you can make one without too much effort whether you are a senior or a beginner.

List of Some Common Things as a Cock Ring

Shoe Laces: This is a very common thing and it is very easy to get in our daily life. You can tie shoelaces as will, I mean tightness, so it is ideal for a makeshift cock ring.

Scrunchies: In general, it is also very cheap for the woman’s hair tie, so if you have a girlfriend at home, then it is also easy to get one to use it as a cock ring. These are very elastic and you can control the elasticity as you want.

Plumber rings: These can be easily picked up from any hardware or plumbing store. They are small metal, or rubber rings used in plumbing, and with the correct size can easily function as a good cock ring with a little lube.

Condoms: Simply cut the inner circle of a condom out and you have your own cock ring. The great thing about these is they are already designed to fit comfortably on a penis and have lubrication, so they can slide on easily.

String: This is just like using a shoelace, simply tie it as tight as you need. These might be a little more uncomfortable than shoelaces though, as strings tend to be very thin and may be made of rougher materials.

Inner tubes from bikes: These allow you to make many cock rings out of one tube. They sit inside the tires of your bike, keeping it inflated. Simply slice into the tube id whichever widths you wish for your cock ring and with lubricant slip it on. Be sure that the inner tube is the diameter needed for your cock rings.


Among all kinds of materials at your home, I think, rubber materials are the easiest ones to find. At the same time, I guess, when you are going to make a home cock ring, the first thought lingering in your mind is finding a rubber band. After all, these kinds of material are close to the real one from an online store. It seems that this kind of cock ring is safe, but not. In fact, they are not safe for your body.

Initially, the materials utilized in rubber bands are very harsh. Not exclusively can they by and large aggravate your skin, they may likewise pull on the skin or pubic hair while you wear them. The skin of the penis and scrotum is more slender than different pieces of the body, so it is substantially more delicate. This pulling or scouring, can harm the skin causing abrading or in any event, wounding.

Rubber bands likewise will in general be very meager, so are probably going to snap while utilizing them. On the off chance that you’ve at any point felt an rubber bands ping against your skin, you can envision how excruciating this will be on your penis. They can likewise squeeze the nerves of the penis, which can cause deadness around the band.

Tight rubber bands may be very hard to eliminate, particularly when erect. Similar as while wearing them, while eliminating them it can pull on the skin or hair around the penis. It may likewise be hard to extend the band over the top of the penis, so you may need to stand by until totally flabby to eliminate it. This can be an issue on the off chance that you need to eliminate it rapidly and utilizing scissors can put your penis at additional danger.

Having an elastic band on your penis for a really long time can cause lasting, irreversible harm to the tissue and nerves in both your penis and gonads. Elastic groups are even utilized in creature emasculation. They place a tight band around the balls to limit the blood. They leave the band on for a couple of days and in the end the gonads decay and fall of all alone. Precisely the same thing can occur with your own penis.


In fact, if you are going to buy a homemade cock ring, the effect and comfortableness are the same as the ones you bought from an online store. Of course, you should follow the instructions and guidance. At the same time, please don’t wear it for a long time, about thirty minutes, because it will prohibit blood circulation.

If you feel any uncomfortableness during using, please stop using it immediately for your safety. If there is anything go better, then you need to find a doctor to ask for some help. In addition, the materials of cock rings are important because someone may be sensitive to some kinds of materials, so now you should never use this kind of materials from now on.


In my opinion, I don’t advise that you should use a homemade cock ring. After all, many of us are not professional to make a homemade cock ring. What’s more, improper use may cause some harm to your body. Therefore, i highly advise that you should buy a well-designed cock ring from a trust-worthy sex store online. Here, I just recommend that you should brose the cock rings at to find your favorite ones.

How to Cum Hands Free?

Here’s a pleasant reality: Did you realize that men who arrived at the midpoint of 4.6 to seven discharges seven days were 36% more averse to be determined to have prostate malignant growth before the age of 70 than men who discharged under 2.3 times each week overall?

Uplifting news, isn’t that so? Evidently the more you blow your heap, the better for your wellbeing! Also, discussing blowing a heap, a few men may naturally think they need the assistance of an accomplice or a couple of hands to do as such.

Imagine a scenario in which we reveal to you that you can do that without the help of anybody.

Indeed, you heard that right, boss! You can really discharge without utilizing your hand or someone else’s!

Think hands free yet for your penis! In case you’re intrigued to know how you can really accomplish this, keep things under control since we are going to take your breath away!

What Things Will Cum?

For certain folks out there, they think just about discharge in the outer, actual sense yet could do without what occurs inside their bodies.

We as a whole realize discharge includes the arrival of semen following a person’s climax. Be that as it may, there is a whole other world to it than meets the eye!

At the point when a person is currently discharging, the semen and sperm that have combined as one are pressed into his urethra through muscle constriction. This leads the tacky and smooth semen to emerge from penis in around three or four spurts.

During the time spent stroking off, it’s significant for folks to discharge after. Also, when discharge is near the very edge of occurring, it not prudent to stop it by any means.

At the point when you attempt to cover the finish of the penis, it would prompt what we call “retrograde discharge”. This implies that the semen would return up the urethra, driving it to enter the bladder or the prostate organ.

While retrograde discharge doesn’t influence your capacity to have an erection, your odds of creating male barrenness and having less pleasurable climaxes are higher.


Some may wonder know the benefits of cumming, but it seems that it is hard to know too many things. In fact, you can find many health advantages apart from sex gratification. However, there are some common advantages that you will find.

* Reduced risk of prostate cancer.
* Relieving stress.
* Boosting your mood.
* Helps you to sleep better.
* Helping you have better sex.
* Understanding your own wants and needs better.
* General relaxation.
* Releasing sexual tension.

Hands Free? Now You Can!

Many men want to reach orgasm without using their hands to satisfy their special needs. And it is easy to achieve.On the off chance that you are interested with respect to what should be done to accomplish this and the sky is the limit from there, it is very basic and attainable. It’s simply a question of taking as much time as is needed and investing in the process 100%.

Get Rid of Your Old Habits

Old propensities are typically difficult to shake off yet on the off chance that you need to encounter the awesome experience of a sans hands discharge, you ought to become familiar with the craft of relinquishing your old masturbation propensities.

By disposing of the standard you have been so used to, you can try to use some sex toys, like male masturbators, and you could possibly end up finding new and innovative approaches to upgrade your discharge methods.

Exploring Your Sensitive Spots

One of the critical factors in accomplishing a sans hands climax is to have the option to center and exploit the most touchy pieces of our penis.

Investigate and discover what parts are generally delicate as these are indispensable in arriving at sans hands climax.

Attempt delicately running your fingertips everywhere on your penis to see what parts are the most touchy.

The absolute most delicate parts that you ought to presumably take a stab at investigating are the top of the penis and the underside of the head.