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Uusextoys supply best anal beads.You can buy best huge or long anal beads at best price and free shipping.Have it then learn how to use anal beads with your partner.

FAQ about Anal Beads

Anal beads play an important role in anal sex toys. When it is inserted or removed from the anus, the user can enjoy very stimulating sexual pleasure. On this page, we have listed the top anal beads. When you prefer to buy an anal bead, then you should pay attention to some questions, which can help you buy the best anal beads.

Anal beads have a long history, which originated in Thailand. Because it can bring strong stimulation to sex life and greatly increase the fun of sex life, it is quickly known and used by everyone.

Originally, the anal beads consisted of a series of balls connected by ropes or strings. With the improvement of living standards, people began to use safer and hygienic materials to make anal beads. As a result, anal beads have also become more diverse, and they are now available in a variety of functions, sizes, and types.

Of course, the experience brought by different anal beads will also be different.

When choosing the right anal beads, you should pay attention to the following points:

First, choose a reliable brand. The anal beads produced by good suppliers are not only quality guaranteed, but also can withstand pulling during use, and they will choose materials that are safe for the human body;

Second, choose the material that suits you. Because there are many materials that are harmless to the human body, you should pay attention to choosing the material you like and safe. For beginners, we recommend choosing anal beads made of silicone. Because silicone anal beads are relatively smooth and can easily enter the anus. For experienced users, try anal beads made of glass or metal, because this hard feeling can bring you more intense stimulation;

Then, choose the right size. It is important to choose the size you are comfortable with. Novice players are advised to start with a small one when they have a certain experience, then choose a larger one according to their own situation;

Finally, this is also a very important point, that is, pay attention to its texture. In any case, you should choose skin-friendly and allergy-free anal beads.

You may not know that the lining of the anus has thousands of nerve endings. When the anal beads are inserted into the anus and stimulate these nerves, you will experience a very stimulating orgasmic sensation. Since the anal bead is smaller in the front part of the bead, the user can obviously feel the friction force and the expansion force gradually increase, and the stimulation will also increase. It’s a gradual pleasure that goes a long way in arousing your orgasm.

uusextoy is a professional online shopping site for anal beads. We supply many popular types of anal beads.

  • Glass Anal Beads. Our glass sex toys are made of high quality borosilicate. It’s silky smooth, with no cracks or sharp points, it’s body-safe and perfect for enriching your sex life.
  • Large size anal beads. This type of large beads is suitable for those experienced users, larger and thicker than ordinary beads. Thereby a more intense internal stimulation can be provided.
  • Vibrating Anal Beads. This type of bead has a built-in powerful motor, which provides you with strong internal stimulation. Even better, it’s also great for stimulating around the anus as you insert and pull out.
  • Metal Anal Beads. This type of beads consists of small to large metal beads. With enough lube, you will feel a different stimulation when you insert your anus. Moreover, the metal anal beads are easy to clean and not easy to hide dirt.

Anal beads are a simple and advanced adult product. If you haven’t played with anal bead toys before, the following specific operations can help you.

Step 1, wash your anus with warm water and relax your anus. It’s that simple, you can clean your anus smoothly while you’re in the shower.

Step 2, is to use enough water-based lube. Because the anus does not have the same self-lubricating function as the vagina, lubricating oil is used to help the anal beads enter the anus painlessly.

Step 3, is to explore the gameplay. If your anal ball has a strong suction cup, then you can mount it on any smooth surface, ride on it slowly, and enjoy riding anal sex. If it doesn’t have a sucker, but instead has a handle, then master the rhythm to advance the anus. Of course, there are more ways to play, explore and unlock more sex positions.

Step 4, is to master the rhythm. Initially, you should be slow and not one step at a time. When orgasm is coming, slowly pull out the anal beads in advance. Enjoy the erotic thrill of anal bead resistance.

Step 5, clean your toys and your anus. Wash with water or soapy water and let it dry for the next use.

The above are the steps on how to use anal beads, please rest assured to use them!

Anal beads are a popular adult sex toy mainly used for anal sex. So what exactly is it used for?

Can be used for couples’ sex, and flirting, but also for female masturbation, gay use, etc. Improve your quality of life by massaging your anus, stimulating sensitive areas, and relaxing your body and mind. Sex experts believe that using anal beads and adult toys during sex can enhance the fun of foreplay, thereby increasing the sexual desire of the sex partner and making the orgasm more intense.

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