8.66″Double Sided Deep Anal Beads Glass Dildo

Made of high-quality crystal glass material, skin-friendly, non-toxic, safe, and reliable.

The glass dildo is made up of 9 beads, that increase friction and provides a different kind of stimulation

Smooth surface, feel like skin, make you relax, and enjoy the moment.

The unique design brings you a luxurious experience, let you fondle admiringly.

Portable Size- Convenient and easy to carry, it is the perfect travel companion to enjoy your solo time or share with your lover.

Use it Carefully If You Are a Beginner

Some guys never used this kind of sex toy, then you need to use it carefully. For example, you can add some lubes before and during using. A report says to go gradually while embeddings and eliminating the dots. Don’t simply tear it out! “Slow in and delayed out! They are totally various sensations. Be delicate with your butt-centric tissues since the rear-end doesn’t make its own grease and an excessive amount of grating can cause tearing.” For silicone anal beads, use water-based lube. On the off chance that your dabs are glass or metal, you can likewise utilize silicone lube. Sinclair suggests utilizing lube both on your body, just as applying some to the real dabs themselves, to make things as simple and pleasurable as could reasonably be expected.

Anal beads are additionally an absolutely independent creature than butt plugs, albeit at times individuals befuddle the two. A simple method to recollect this is to simply remember that butt-centric dabs will in general be longer, while plugs are, similar to their name, more limited and you know, plug-like. With anal plugs, the delight is from the inclination of completion or heave and weight of the toy, while a significant part of the sensation related to butt-centric dots is really in the expulsion. Now and then each dab bit by bit increments in size going up the string, and once in a while the globules are overall a similar size.

What Make Anal Beads Become Unique?

Butt plugs are intended for you to place them in and leave them in during masturbation or sex. (I likewise know folks who simply like the vibe of having them in, so they carry on with their happy lives with them inside while going to work and so forth.) Having them in during sex frequently prompts more grounded and more momentous discharges.

Prostate massagers are sex toys explicitly intended to hit the prostate. That is the reason they’re ordinarily three or so crawls long, and bent toward the end. Some prostate massagers you can move in and out, yet most, you need to allow them to sit serenely within you.

With anal beads butt plugs, the delight is gotten from the vibe of being filled progressively and afterward encountering that euphoric delivery as each globule gets pulled out. In such a manner, butt-centric dabs are more “dynamic.” There’s greater development included.

How to Use an Anal Beads Butt Plug

1. Take a Deep Breath

Breathing from your stomach will assist you with loosening up your pelvic floor, which will make the entire experience “simpler”. To check whether you are breathing from your stomach, you can put one hand on your upper chest, and one over your gut button as you take in through your nose. The hand on your tummy catch should move first, and your chest should move as meager as could reasonably be expected.

Remember to Stop If Anything Feels Uncomfortable

Like with anal beads play, you need to utilize a huge load of lube. “Tune in to your body, and in the event that anything harms, stop. Anal beads play can be truly pleasurable when you unwind, yet you ought to never feel like you need to ‘push through’ the torment.” You ought to consistently check in with yourself and your accomplice en route to ensure you’re both getting a charge out of the experience.

2. Utilizing a Condom

Utilizing a condom if the toy is made of a dangerous, permeable material like jam, to make a defensive hindrance. In case you’re offering the toy to your accomplice, you can likewise change another condom over the toy when you switch between accomplices. You’ll actually have the option to ~feel~ each dot with a condom, and it makes cleanup marginally simpler. Ensure the condom doesn’t have any desensitizing specialists (torment is your body’s method of realizing when to chill) and doesn’t have silicone-put-together lube with respect to it.


There is some kind of materials to make anal beads, sex toys anal beads can be used for a long time because of their high-quality materials. The most common materials are silicone, plastic, PVC, or other flexible materials. But remember, if you are going to use anal beads made from silicone, then please don’t choose to use silicone-based lube, because it will harm your silicone sex toy. Instead, you should choose and use the water-based lube.