Sex Toys For Men

Nowadays, with the increasing number of sex toys, the manufacturers start to cater to different people, for example, some may have a difficult climax or some guys want to have a more comfortable solo play or group sex. In this collection, uusextoy will list some hot sale male sex toys to help.

Pocket Pussies

In brief, a pocket pussy is a handheld man masturbation toy that resembles the appearance and feel of a real female’s vagina. With time went by, more and more choose to use the pocket pussy to jeck-off or just flirt. And the features change, some are one side, and some are double side with not only vagina, but mouth or anus. There is no such thing as “the best pocket pussy”, this is a very personal choice and best will depend on each person. One of the most popular brand of pocket pussy is Fleshlight, check out our list of Best Lube for Fleshlight and other pocket pussies.

Several days ago, some of my customers told me that he got a low-quality pocket pussy, it is torn off when he received it, so he is disappointed. Therefore, I spend a lot of time collecting related data. Through dozens of hours of personal testing, reading internet forums, articles and listening to other reviewers and complaints of consumers, I have put together this review of the best pocket pussies in the world. I have owned many different pocket pussies and I have seen both the amazing and the terrible. Every sex toy site will tell you that their product is the best, but that is obviously just marketing at play. To compile this list I took into consideration many different aspects. The tightness, the quality of the material used, durability, the internal textures, the amount of stimulation and, of course, the price tag. What I considered the most important point was still the actual feeling and stimulation of the pocket pussy. Rest assured, all of the top-rated pocket pussies in this list all feel incredible and while they all have subtle differences, they are all incredible.

pocket pussy

Blowjob Machines

Maybe it is too boring for you to use a pocket pussy or some simple design masturbator, then you are considering to have a Blowjob machine. You know what really chaps my ass? Wanting a decent BJ but not being able to convince my partner to give me one every time I ask. And you know what else ticks me off? Not being able to find a decent sex toy to make up for it because there are too many options to choose from. It’s a lot like going through the rigors of dating all over again, except this time I don’t get to size up my partner before I bring her home.

Don’t worry, the cock-friendly cream of the crop has finally risen to the top, and now it’s much easier for us all to figure out which direction we want to go with our oral sex simulation style. So, you mean we can stop fantasizing about a professional head doctor slobbing on our nob and actually experience the real thing (well, sort of)? Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. And as long as you consider the top 10 best blowjob machines for men, you’ll be well on your way to showing off a kick-ass O face in no time (with or without a partner).

At the same time, you can find many of these kinds of machines to satisfy your sex desire. There may be hundreds of devices that can mimic the sensations of a blowjob, but only a handful of them are worthy of your time and attention. The market has spoken and the following devices are what your average consumer has determined to be the 11 best pleasure products for BJ enthusiasts

Male Masturbator

There are a bunch of different masturbators online. Different kinds of stokers, different functions. In general, a male masturbator is a portable, concealable sex toy with many features and functions, just like heating, revolving, thrusting and so on. It engulfs your cock as you barrel down it’s water warmed shaft. Incredibly soft and velvety with a mild, pleasant scent, it’s ideal for those moments alone. It’s discreet, easy to clean, and 100% safe. Thanks to a velvety-soft material that rivals penetration in feel, warmth and satisfaction, the Fleshlights quickly topped the charts as the ultimate male masturbation toy.

It has helped us to achieve our goal, which is having a more comfortable experience than your hands. The wildly popular masturbator has been around for a while, but it continues to be one of the most innovative masturbators we’ve ever seen. An extremely lifelike sleeve is housed inside a sturdy plastic flashlight casing just unscrew the top, add some lubricant and you’re ready to go to work! The realistic vaginal opening makes the experience that much more incredible. If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line, look no further than the Fleshlight it’s the only “power” tool you need!


There are multiple kinds of cock rings at the market, if it is divided according to the vibration, then they are non-vibrating and vibrating. If it is divided according to the material, then you can find silicone, metal, plastic, or others. The most important function of cock ring is that it can make your erection last longer. They keep the shaft hard by preventing blood from leaving the penis. However, many men just feel the pleasure in that since the bottom of the shaft is a sensitive part.

Vibrating cock rings, as their name says, send some vibrations through your willy. Those vibrations reach the nerves and create a fantastic feeling. Not only do such rings prolong your erection, but they also cause additional stimulation. On the flip side, you may also find variations on this two vibration or non-vibration models. Some cock rings include the balls as well. So when you cum, your testicles typically retract toward the body. However, a cock ring in question will prevent retraction, which can cause a totally crazy feeling.

What’s more, there are still some cock rings have additional parts that extend to the perineum. There, they stimulate that area — it is highly sensitive for plenty of men since it’s near the prostate.

Prostate Massagers

In general, prostate massagers are widely used among gay men, special for the bottom men. However, many straight men or women still need to use them because it can cure prostate disease. When it comes to the prostate, or P-spot. it’s an erogenous zone accessed anally on a penis-having person that is sometimes colloquially referred to as the male G-spot (although, don’t even get us started on that). Some people can orgasm through prostate stimulation alone, but paired with some penis stimulation, it can feel really, really good (or, so we’re told.) To find the prostate manually, you’ll want to feel for a walnut, on the front side of their rectum. Get lots of lube, as the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, and you don’t want to hurt your partner, cause any tears, or make the experience anything but as pleasurable as possible. There are two main functions for them to use.

Diagnosing a Medical Condition

If you ever went to the hospital because of prostate disease. A doctor might do a prostate massage during a prostate exam. The purpose is to get some fluid to examine under a microscope to look for signs of an infection or other problem.

Erection Problems

The main treatments for erectile dysfunction include medications, pumps, shots, and implants. Lifestyle changes that can help treat the condition include getting more exercise, eating a healthy diet, and doing pelvic floor exercises. Some men say they’ve had increased sexual pleasure and are able to ejaculate more easily with prostate massage, though there isn’t scientific proof to back up those claims.


If you have even noticed the price of Tenga eggs online, you would know the price of them is very cheap. In fact, Tenga Eggs are not reusable. They are designed for one-time, disposable use only. If you need to buy a reusable masturbator which is similar to eggs, you should refer to Tenga Air-Tech series, Tenga 3D series, or Tenga Flip series (this last one is very popular among men).

This kind of male stroker has a lovely appearance. It comes in the form of eggs that look much like Easter eggs. When you open a Tenga Egg, you will see a condom-like item. It has different textures and patterns. You put it on your dick and start masturbating.

Even if you have used them, maybe you don’t know some facts. These eggs are far thicker and stretchier than condoms. Apart from that, the patterns they have on the inside contribute to a much more pleasant feeling while using them. What’s lucy is that there are many kinds of eggs with different inner structures, so if you use them alternatively, such as twisting, twirling, swirling, or pushing, then it will bring your solo play to the next level! Nowadays, Tenga eggs masturbation toy has become one of the most comfortable sex toys in view of their cost and availability.