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Uusextoy is a professional adult toy online store with a huge collection of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, anal toys, BDSM toys,etc. All of high-quality and very reasonable prices.We are a team from China with 5 years of online experience in selling sex toys.

Here, you never need to worry about receiving a poor quality item or being scammed, with the protection of the paypal buyer policy,your money is absolutely safe.

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Customer Reviews

I’ve had a few toys (priced from $9.99 to $54.99) in my life but NOTHING like this. I don’t know how long it will last but goodness this is my favorite ever. WARNING: take it slow because this little rose is powerful! It is worth EVERY penny. I could get past the second speed with the ball end. Legit scared me how quickly I “got there”. Get it now! I mean right NOW!


Where to start. First it comes in discreet packaging. This toy is incredibly soft, realistic, and bouncy. It works amazingly and its so realistic that it has a tongue and lifelike teeth . Each of the holes has a distinct and unique feeling to it, its incredibly realistic. think tongue teeth, throat just to start . The material feels quite realistic. It’s ultra stretchy but keeps its form very well without getting damaged. It has a good amount of weight, the perfect size and its easy to use.


This product is absolutely outstanding. Extremely realistic looking and feeling. The harness that you wrap around yourself is made out of really nice high quality fabric and Velcro.Definitely the best toy I have ever purchased. This also was my first strap on EVER so I was worried but it was super easy to put on , super comfortable to wear. Seriously can not say enough amazing things about this. Thank you so much.


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Uusextoy: Super Adult Toy Store | Best Sex Toys for Men & Women

FAQ about Shop Affordable Best Sexual Toys Online

When you’re working on changing your sex life, you pay attention to how outrageous the supermarket or adult sex store prices are. In fact, you are willing to invest in sex toys. But the “adult store near me” is expensive. Well, you should know more. Because sometimes you don’t have to spend that much to have a top-quality sex toy.

Currently, buying sex toys online has become a trend. Usually, adult toys are cheaper on online shopping sites. And it’s easy to avoid embarrassment. At the same time, the delivery speed is very fast. Therefore, people are more willing to buy sex products online.

Uusextoy is a professional online shopping site for sexual toys. You can find all types of sexual accessories here. From dildos, and vibrators to BDSM toys, you’ll find the best and cheapest. Shop securely and privately at Uusextoy. Then enjoy healthy and safe sex toys.

Here are what adult toys you can find at Uusextoy.

As a woman, maybe you’re ashamed to mention masturbation. Indeed, people boycotted this toy long ago. However, this situation has changed. At present, female masturbation is already a very healthy way of life. Even, this way of life will be encouraged. Still, you probably don’t know anything about your sex life and desires. In fact, many women buy sex toys to change their sex lives.

At present, there are many popular women’s sex toys. At Uusextoy, the main types you can find are Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Sex Toys for Women, Nipple Toys, Ben Wa Balls, Sex Machine, Torso Dildo, etc.

In sex life, enjoying orgasms is often not easy. If you have a safe and healthy sex toy, then you can easily enjoy many orgasms. Such as G-spot stimulation, nipple stimulation, etc.

It seems that when you discuss sex, you always think of men. Because men’s demand for sex is very strong. In most cases, men actively seek out their sexual partners. However, finding the right one is not easy. Well, sex toys fill the void. Men always take it for granted when it comes to stimulating their genitals with sex toys and then having sex.

In fact, there is no end to the exploration of sexual pleasure. Stimulating the penis nerve endings is just the easiest way to have sex. There are many more ways for you to enjoy a more comprehensive and three-dimensional sex feeling. In any case, picking a sex toy for men can solve a lot of puzzles.

At Uusextoy you can find many of these sex toys. Mainly include Pocket Pussy, Male MasturbatorPenis Pump, Cock Ring, Chastity Cage, Gay Sex Toys, Prostate Toys, Sex Doll Torso, etc.

Sex plays an important role in enhancing a couple’s relationship. Have you found that when your sex life is fulfilled, you and your lover are more intimate? Indeed, sex makes life better. But making sex more fun can be difficult. Because you can’t try new sex positions. So, you are tired of the same sex positions. And without enough sex foreplay or sex games, your orgasm is always poor.

However, after sex furniture became popular, everything changed. Choosing the best sex toy is especially important when exploring a new orgasm. Are you a partner who is exploring how to improve your sex life? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At Uusextoy you can find many ways and toys to improve the sex life of couples. Mainly include a Sex chair, Sex sofa, Sex swing, handsfree vibrator, BDSM games toys, Double head dildo, etc.

For many people, anal sex may be a taboo subject. However, many people who have tried anal sex say it’s a new realm of sex. Of course, people think it’s the best compliment to sex. Anal or ass is a better sex zone. Buy the best anal sex toys and anal play can become more exciting and easier. You will love this brand-new anal sex adventure game. Of course, enjoying the super sex fun that the butt brings is undoubtedly the best.

Indeed, you might be terrified of having a big dick in your asshole. Of course, that’s normal. In fact, it doesn’t have to be. Because anal toys fit the anus. And using lots of lube will make insertion much smoother. And high-end ass sex toys are ergonomically designed. So all the anal toys will just make your sex life fun.

At Uusextoy you can find all styles of ass toys. Mainly include Anal Beads, Anal Trainer Kits, Glass Plugs, Metal Plugs, Silicone Plugs, Anal Douche, etc.

When you’re tired of regular sex games, you might fantasize about weird things. Recall your sexual fantasies. May often fantasize about having sex with a stranger in public. Or you fantasize about being abused for sex in the bedroom. First of all, this is normal sexual psychology. Because everyone loves to try new adventures. Among sex toys, there is a special category for this sexual fantasy. That is BDSM.

BDSM is a fetish sex game. In such BDSM games, many games can be played. Examples: restraint, sensory stimulation or deprivation, fetishes, role-playing, pain games, bondage, wax games, humiliation, etc. It may sound scary to you. In fact, BDSM games have a very good effect on enhancing the relationship between husband and wife. This is a tacitly engaged sex game. You need a lot of communication with your lover. Therefore, it is very popular.

Of course, enjoying the best BDSM games requires having the best SM toys. At Uusextoy you can find such toys. Mainly include BDSM Gags, Wrist & Ankle Cuffs, Whips & Paddles, Bondage Restraints, Bondage Kits, Sex Swing, Sex Furniture, etc.

Uusextoy’s biggest purpose is to supply the best and cheapest sex toys. No matter what type of sex toys you want to buy, you can find it here. Perhaps you have already purchased your toys here. But you want to know how to use a sex toy. At Uusextoy you can find many blogs about using and caring for sex toys. In conclusion, at Uusextoy, not only can you buy affordable high-quality toys, but you can also learn how to get the most erotic pleasure from sex toys.

Perhaps, you have had a bad online shopping experience. However, in Uusextoy, you will not face these bad things. For example, you received the wrong order; the product you received did not match the actual product; delivery took a long time; the package has no privacy protection, making you embarrassed at the post office, etc.,

Indeed, that’s too bad. These bad things not only make you lose confidence in online shopping but also cloud your sex life. However, if you choose to buy a sex toy at Uusextoy, then everything will be better. Uusextoy only supplies today’s top adult toys for you. After receiving the order, check the order carefully to make sure it is correct and start packing. And every step is handled by professional staff. Absolutely protect recipient privacy. At the same time, Uusextoy has the most comprehensive refund and return policy. When you get the wrong product or don’t like it, you can easily get another right product that you love.

Of course, Uusextoy understands your needs. You just want a different sex experience. Here you can always decide exactly what kind of toys you want to buy. Maybe you still can’t decide whether you should choose Uusextoy to buy sex products online. Well here are a few reasons to help you decide.

100% Privacy Package

“No matter how sexually open I am, I’m always reluctant to let people know that I’m using a sex toy.” This is probably what most people think. In fact, people are very concerned about privacy when buying adult toys.

However, many online shopping sites do not have great privacy protections for packages. This makes many people feel embarrassed when they pick up their packages at the post office.

And buy a sex toy at Uusextoy, you don’t have to worry about these. Because you can’t find any description of sex on the package. And your sex toys will come in a sturdy black bag. No one knows what’s in the package except you.

100% Affordable Price

The biggest advantage of Uusextoy is the supply of cheap sex toys. Supply high-quality toys at low prices – this is what Uusextoy is proud of. In the beginning, Uusextoy wanted to contribute to the sexual life of human beings. In fact, it has always been. Of course, there are reasons why it is cheaper.

  • Bulk order advantage. Uusextoy is a supermarket for adult products. In-depth cooperation with sex toys factory. Therefore, purchasing has the price advantage of bulk orders.
  • Fast circulation advantage. Uusextoy has its own store in many online malls. And there are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores for adult products. Therefore, there are many sales orders every day. Rapid inventory turnover creates a virtuous circle. In this way, it can be beneficial to consumers.
  • Cheap and fast shipping advantage. Uusextoy sends out many packages every day. Therefore, negotiate with the logistics provider and get a very low transportation price. In this way, consumers do not have to pay for excessive logistics costs.
  • Local warehousing advantage. Uusextoy has its own warehouses in North America and Europe. After receiving the order, it can respond quickly. Then send out the package with the lowest cost and the fastest speed.

In short, it is necessary to choose a strong merchant. Because you can not only buy cheap sex toys, but more importantly, you can enjoy a better shopping experience.

100% High Quality

Uusextoy strictly selects sex toys factories. So no matter what the category, you can always find top-quality sex toys. As you know, bad, low-quality products don’t just waste money, they affect your sexual experience. Imagine when you are riding a dildo and suddenly it breaks. How outrageous that is. Of course, you won’t buy such bad sex products at Uusextoy.

100% Fast Delivery

No matter what product you buy, especially online, you want to get your package right the first time. However, many online shopping sites cannot deliver quickly. Some even take a month. At Uusextoy, you won’t encounter this situation. Because we support local delivery or commercial express expedited delivery. Of course, you can get buyer support if your package is delayed or lost. We intervene quickly, resend or make compensation.

100% Supply Of All Categories

As we all know, sex products contain a lot. At Uusextoy you can find all categories. Whether it’s single solo or couple sex, you can find the corresponding sex toys. If you are gay then a strap-on dildo is undoubtedly the best. Of course, Uusextoy supplies all styles of strap-on toys.

100% Genuine Sex Toy Brand

Uusextoy is the official authorized supplier of several sex toys brands. If you want to buy branded sex products, then you can find them here. Such as Durex, Leten, Leo, Nolan, Toughage, FAAK, etc.,

100% Healthy Material

As you know, sex toys are genitals inserted. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a body-friendly material. Otherwise, it may be bad for your health. At Uusextoy, all sex products are made with premium materials. All materials are body friendly. No bad smell. And no allergic reactions. It feels like real skin to the touch.

Knowledge about Sex Toys

Sex toys are a sexual pleasure tool. When people are having sex or masturbating, using this sex tool can enhance sexual pleasure. Also known as adult toys or marital aids. In addition to this, if you are facing sexual dysfunction or physical conditions such as prostate, then sex toys also have a medical effect. For example, the penis pump has a positive effect on the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The prostate massager can massage the male prostate well.

It is normal behavior whether you use a sex toy or not. That depends on personal preference. As long as you can use it correctly, you can get a lot of benefits.

Sex toys are a special commodity. Therefore, there are limited options for purchasing.

You can buy it in a specialty store. Generally, there are sex shops, sex stores, or adult stores on the street. These specialty stores supply most of the sex products. But the buyer must be at least 18 years old. In addition, some drugstores and large retail stores offer small quantities of adult toys.

Of course, most people choose online shopping sites to buy adult products. The online sex toys website offers a lot of products. Basically, you can buy all types of products on one sex toy’s online site. And, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. In Uusextoy, for example, shopping bills are encrypted private bills. And the package is 100% privacy packaging. It’s a great way to shop by comparison.

First, you must know that sharing your sex toys with others can lead to the transmission of STDs. You can imagine that when someone with an STD uses your sex toy, there is a good chance that the toy’s bodily fluids will spread to those who continue to use the sex toy. Therefore, it is best not to share your sex toys with others. And when you use it with your partner, take some steps. Such as wearing condoms or washing carefully before and after use. These measures can be very good to prevent STDs.

However, for anal sex, use a lot of lube with anal toys. As we all know, the anus does not have the function of self-lubricating. So when you don’t have enough lubrication and you try to insert a big dick into the anus, you may experience a lot of pain. It can even lead to some danger. And please do not insert anal toys into the vagina without cleaning or changing condoms. Because there are bacteria in the anus. Doing so persistently may allow bacteria to enter the vagina. resulting in vaginitis. Therefore, carefully distinguish between vaginal and anal sex toys. Avoid cross use. In addition, when experiencing anal sex, it is best to use the anal plug with a base or handle. Doing so will prevent the anal toys from sliding all the way into the anus. If the anal toy gets lost in the anus, you may need to ask a nurse or doctor for help. And for female vaginas, don’t lose your sex toys in the vagina. Otherwise, the cervix will block the end of the sex toy. It is also necessary to seek medical help.

Regarding lube, don’t put silicone lube on silicone sex toys. Because that could damage your toy. Choosing a water-based lube is a good choice. That is compatible with sex products of any material.

About sex toys entering the body, such as you want to insert your mouth, vagina or anus. Then you need to choose a non-porous material that is safe for your body. Safe materials are 100% silicone (not a silicone blend), hard plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and shatterproof glass. That way, your sex toy won’t absorb bacteria and it’s easier to clean. If you buy sex toys made of porous material, be sure to wear condoms when using them. This way you are protected from germs.

It’s actually pretty simple when it comes to how to clean sex toys. You can read our blog or the accompanying instructions. Also, watching YouTube videos is ok.

Regarding homemade sex toys, such DIY toys are not safe. It is best to use professional adult products. Because DIY sex toys can break. And their surface is rough. And contains loose and sharp parts, which are dangerous to the body.

For some singles, masturbation relieves fatigue after a tiring day. Of course, the pleasure of sex will make the mood more relaxed. Therefore, single men and women indulge in solo adult toys. Through the massage and stimulation of the genitals, you can enjoy three-dimensional comprehensive sex. That’s an efficient way to relax.

For couples, sex plays an important role in enhancing their relationship. People always talk about the relationship between sex and love. The more perfect the Sex, the stronger the couple’s love. In fact, if you repeat the same way of sex for a long time, sex can become boring. Therefore, improving sexual life has become a compulsory course for couples. In this process, sex toys will undoubtedly play an important role. There are many toys specially designed for couples on the market. Such as BDSM toys, double dildos, etc.,

However, for transgender, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming people, there are very few opportunities for them to enjoy sex. Because finding people of the same sex is difficult. Well, they can get a lot of gay or lesbian pleasure toys. These toys are very important in enhancing their sexual feelings and relieving sex anxiety.

There are some inconvenient people in this world. Some people with disabilities or limited mobility, also need a sex life. It’s a lot easier if you use sex toys, masturbate, have sex, or engage in sexual activities or positions. Otherwise, they will lose the chance to experience sex life. That is a very cruel fact for them.

In addition to this, people may be troubled by some disease symptoms. Such as erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, loss of libido, and orgasm disorders. These symptoms prevent them from experiencing a full sex life. And some sex toys have a positive effect in relieving these symptoms. And avoid the side effects of drugs. For example, people often use a penis pump or cock rings for penis exercise.

Whatever the reason for using sex toys, you can always get a lot of benefits from them. Using adult toys is the easiest way to experience an orgasm. Whether it’s masturbation or couples sex, or transgender sex, these toys can have many benefits.

Whether you use sex toys or not, you are always curious about “homemade sex toys”. When you first try adult toys, you may be more inclined towards DIY sex toys or masturbation toys. Because homemade ones usually cost less. And you can control many aspects. For example, you can try new styles. No need to spend time cleaning. Because it’s a one-off.

However, you must know that homemade sex toys have many disadvantages. First, it’s not as safe as professional sex toys. Homemade toys have rough surfaces. There are even loose parts on the surface of some homemade toys. That can easily scratch your genitals. If you don’t want to travel to the emergency room and let people know you’re using sex toys, you’d better not experience homemade sex toys yourself.

As for how to make it, that’s pretty simple. For example, a cucumber or eggplant can be a dildo. Just wear a condom on it and you can enjoy a penetrating sex. Also you can make a simple pocket pussy using a towel and elastic. There are many DIY ways. You can find more detailed tutorials on YouTube. In any case, it is recommended not to try a homemade sex toy lightly.

No matter what level of gamer you are, you should wash your sex toys before and after use. This is an important step in ensuring health and safety. No matter what type of sex toy, it ends up touching the skin of the vagina, penis, or anus. These areas are known to be sensitive areas prone to infection. If sex toys are not washed carefully, bacteria, dirt, sperm, and even certain microbes can collect on their surfaces. Then it will be bad for health. So how to properly clean sex toys?

Experts recommend clarifying the material of sex toys. Different materials have different cleaning methods. There are two main types of materials used in sex toys: non-porous and porous. You can check the description or ask the merchant. Then ask Google to find the corresponding cleaning method.

How often do sex toys need deep cleaning? If you have a good habit of washing your sex toys regularly, then a simple wash before and after each use is all you need. Most sex toys can be washed in clean water. However, if you are using your sex toy in a commercial setting or at a multi-person party, it is advisable to deep clean and sanitize it before and after each use. In particular, sex toys of heat-resistant, water-resistant and non-motorized materials should be carefully sterilized. You can boil them in water.

In short, the key to cleaning sex toys is to figure out the different materials. Cleaning and disinfection for different materials. This way your sex toys will last longer and you can enjoy healthy sex.

However, there are always some mistakes people make when cleaning their sex toys. That could be fatal to your toy.

  • Be careful with electronic equipment. If you purchased an electric sex toy, remove the battery or remote control before cleaning. There may be sex products marked with a waterproof label, that should also remove the battery to prevent corrosion.
  • Using it right out of the box.Some people can’t wait to use a toy as soon as they receive it. Actually that is not correct. It should be cleaned first. Just like underwear or bras, you should wash them carefully before touching your skin.

Great, you already have your own sex toy. You can’t leave them. You even gave each favorite toy a name. No matter what you’re going through, they’re there with you. This is a positive sexual attitude. But not everyone agrees. And you also don’t want people to know you’re owning a sex toy. Then you have to learn how to hide them. Now start to know the best places to hide sex toys.

  • Bedside table. Some sex toys are small. You just need to put it under a book or other magazine in the closet. No one will notice more.
  • Suitcases. Most people have their own suitcases. No one except your mom will open your suitcase. And you can lock it up.
  • Shoe box. After buying new shoes, don’t rush to discard the box. Shoeboxes have always been a great storage space. Shoeboxes don’t attract any attention.
  • Drawstring organza bag. The small drawstring pouch is great for trinket storage.
  • Inner socks. A place no one will be interested, your sock drawer is a great place to store your different sex toys. The easiest option is to put the toy in a winter wool garment, fold it in half, and mix it with other socks.
  • Inside the tissue box. If your visitor doesn’t have a cold or severe hay fever, it’s a good idea to keep sex toys in a tissue box. Tissue boxes have three benefits in storing sex toys.It can be conveniently placed by your bed.Paper towels will provide comfortable protection.You can use paper towels for those “clean up” moments.
  • Dedicated self-contained sex toy storage containers. If you are a collector, it is necessary to buy a dedicated storage device. Organizer boxes with mesh pockets, hidden storage drawers or even wallets are great options. And these containers usually come with locks.
  • In the pocket of the tote bag. Do you like having a large handbag? Typically, a handbag will have a pocket in the lining. Needless to say, this is the best storage space for tampons or any other personal items.

Hiding your sex toys is a fun and necessary thing. If you have more personal space, then it’s not that difficult. There are many more genius ways to hide sex toys. You can find out more. Then say goodbye to awkward arguments or awkward conversations. Then enjoy the best sex.

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