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Anal Cleaner | Anus or Vagina Pussy Douche Kit

The anal cleaner is mainly used for anal cleaning in order to enjoy anal sex. Buy a premium anus or vagina pussy enema bulb douche kit to help women’s or man’s sexual health.Starting now, Huge savings. Superior Medical Materials Douche for Women Men Enemas Bulbs Limited qty, Don’t miss it.

FAQ about Anal Cleaner Douche

A concern for anyone looking forward to anal sex. That’s how to avoid poop. Chances are, you’ve tried to get the best results with a thorough shower, but people prefer to use anal cleaner to rinse their anus. Quite simply, anal cleaner is designed for anal douche. Before buying, you should learn some common sense about anal douche.

In fact, if done right, it’s pretty safe. As you know, you should control the number of times. No matter what you do, extremes will reverse. At the same time, you should be gentle when washing. Because your anus is fragile. Well, using anal cleaner correctly can make your anal sex healthier and free from bacteria and viruses.

If you don’t mind your anal toys sticking to your filth during anal sex, then cleaning the anus is superfluous. If you want to enjoy very healthy and safe anal sex, then anal cleaner is necessary.

An anal douche is definitely a practical, and very simple personal device.. All I use is CLEAN, slightly Warm, to higher Warmer Water. I only use water after the occasional thorough cleaning of the douche. (Dedicate) a deep/clean/cup,/bowl, or any other suitable water container.

Filling is easy. Firmly squeeze the reservoir bulb, holding it squeezed. Keeping the water bulb Compressed tightly, place the tube nozzle nto the cup of water. Let the bulb expand while the tube is in the water. The water is drawn up into the bulb filling it. Squeeze the bulb a few times while the tube is under water. All excess air is pushed out and the water is drawn in. Repeat to fill it again.

Yes.this enema bulb is discreet shipping

You fill it with water and it cleans out the anal area. I believe most people use it if they’re planning to have anal sex and they want to be clean. Make sure to go on youtube for helpful tips on safety (if you get it) 

No more than once a day, unless you have serious digestive issues in which case I’d recommend you consult with a doctor about it. Using it too often can result in big problems such as weakening your intestinal muscles making your body dependent on the enema to pass stool

Which is more comfortable for you. It is better in my opinion to use it bending over slightly so that it is easier to drain after.

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