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★ The sex pillow is made of PVC + flocking material, soft and comfortable, so you can immerse yourself in the game.

★ Controlling rhythm and posture can increase flexibility. You can sit under the mat with your partner and exercise at your own pace.

★ Easy to inflate and deflate quick air valve, no need to worry about air loss when the Sofa bed is inflated. The valve is designed for rapid inflation and deflation for inflatable, and you can also use an air pump(pump incl.)

★ Versatile inflatable pillows can be used as footpads. It can be used as a back cushion when sitting on a bed. It can be used as a support pad for the knee or foot.

★ Lightweight and portable small size and lightweight! You can carry it, it won’t affect any of your activities, travel, beaches, vacations are great.

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