Penis Pumps

Penis pump is used to bring you a bigger penis by increasing blood flow. At the same time, penis pump can make your penis erection longer. Of course, you will get a teeny bit of extra length, but you need to know that it is a temporary gain. On the flip side, penis pump is widely used among these people who have erectile dysfunction. As we all know, penis pumps are cheaper and safer than any kind of way to help them avoid the ED. In some hospitals, they are also used to treat the ED with medication, such as Viagra.

How Does Penis Pump Work?

A penis pump works by using suction to draw blood into the penis. The blood fills the blood vessels in your penis, making them swell so that your penis can get temporarily bigger and harder. What’s more, you will find that a cock ring will be placed around the base of the penis to make your penis erect for a long time.

Is it safe?

On most occasions, yes. In fact, penis pumps can also be called a vacuum erection device in medication. So, it is definitely safe for your use. But warm tips: It is not always safe for those who have some medical conditions.

As a report says, using a penis pump or other external rigidity device could aggravate penile conditions, for example, priapism.

On the flip side, there are some points you need to attend or it may cause some infection to your body. What’s more, you need to use it moderately. Too much air pressure in the cylinder can also cause mild bleeding under the skin’s surface. For this reason, penis pumps maybe not be right for you if you have the following there situations.

* Have a history of blood clots
* Take blood thinners
* Have a blood disorder