Double Ended Dildos

From two completely different shapes and textures of different sizes.

Double Ended Dildos

From two completely different shapes and textures of different sizes.

7.48″ Double Anal Dildo Suction Base Dildo

Double anal dildo made of high quality and safe no toxic PVC material.

Strong suction cup for attaches in smooth place, hands-free use.

Lights weight for taking it anywhere, hotel, party, airport, pub, bedroom, etc.

The realistic head and venous axis are like real men and can be masturbated or used with your partner to satisfy your sexual needs.

The most popular Double Ended Dildos

All Double Ended Dildos

Double sided dildo is one kind of sex toy that can be used on each end. This is the biggest difference from other kinds of dildos. This kind of dildo can be used for dual functions, it can be used to stimulate two different body parts at the same time. For other kinds of dildo sex toys, like stong suction dildo, it is mainly used to put on the surface to make it more convenient to use.

When you need to buy a double-headed dildo, you must have found a lot of them there. You can find different colors, shapes, sizes, and functions. Of course, most of them are TPE or silicone ones. For these double ended dildos, there are not many functions, like revolving, heating, thrusting, but their simple double using. However, these kinds of dual-ended dildo are soft and flexible, so it can be bent into the shape of “U-shape” and crescent moon”. And it can be used among partners or SM games, and plus, it is also widely used among single person for masturbation.

Women use this double dildo sex toy to penetrate their vaginal and anus at the same time or alternately rub one end of the dildo against their clit while only one of the heads is inside them. Men can pair anal penetration with stimulation of the head of their own penis, especially if one or both ends of the dildo has vibration capabilities.

What’s more, two ended dildos are capable of varying size. Same as other most common dildo sex toys, their circumference – also referred to as “girth” or “thickness” – can range from just under an inch, perfectly suited for beginners, to over two inches, designed just for those who can’t get enough of the pleasurable burning sensation of having their walls stretched to the absolute maximum. If it still cannot satisfy your needs, you can consider t buy a large one.

Before we need to buy a double headed dildo, we need to notice how long it is, with a foot and a half, 18 inches or even a full two feet, 24 inches, if you don’t know how deep your body can embrace, or you just need something to stimulate and massage your G -spot or vagina, then you come to the right place. The double-headed dildo is right for you.

In addition, we just cannot neglect the heads when we decide to buy one. There are many kinds of material that can be used to make the two-sided dildo, that is stone, metal, silicone or TPE. Double-headed dildo from realistic to fantasy, from curved heads to twisted shape. You can also see a lot of texture, tips,ridgets for these realistic dildo sex toys. But, you need to know, a double headed dildo can do some other dildo sex toys cannot do. For example, it can satisfy your craving for something real and for something a little more fantastic all at once.

In fact, you would find that there are many same heads in size, shape or color when you buy a two-headed dildo. And plus, You would find that there is some realistic dildo which resembles a real penis, so it will bring you a more real feeling. In addition, there are still some other double-sided dildos that use different heads so that you can have a different sex pleasure. These can range from two realistic heads of differing sizes to one realistic and one fantastical head to two completely different shaped and textured heads which do not resemble a real-life penis in the slightest.

Apart from dual real sides of various sizes to one realistic and one fantastical head to different shapes and textures heads. Now, apart from what I mentioned above, you can also find that a lot of ridges for sex, ones some other beads which imitate the anal beads. Also, you can find curved ones to locate the G-spot or prostate to bring you more stimulation and pleasure.

Why Double Sided Dildos?

Facing up to so many two ended dildos online, if you don’t know which one to choose, why don’t choose a new one for you. Or you can see the pic to consider which one is better for you. However, if you spend too much time picking up your favorite sex toy, then maybe it will spend you one day lying on the bed, it seems that all sex toys are good for you.

In view of that, we spend much time in collecting the data and information for you, and we have collected the best dildo sex toys for you. In this collection, you would find all kinds of dildo sex toys for you to choose from. Different colors, shapes and designs will bring you different sex pleasure. At the same time, we would like to offer to you some tricks and tips for your use. Anyway, our goal is to help you get the best use of them so that you can have more pleasure when using them.

Maybe you will feel that one head is comfortable and easy to use when holding on this two-headed dildo adult toy. And it is not stimulating for you to use it to stimulate your anus, clit or cockhead for men, but it seems not comfortable at all. Anyway, a little experience will help you to know all the methods about how to use a new sex toy.

Just remember, you had better wash both heads before and after using, just like washing it with antibacterial cleaner, so it will be used for a long time, and it will benefit your health. Therefore, it is important to wash them because a ditty sex toy may cause irritation, itching or even infection when you insert them into the body.

In addition, you would find a lot of different materials for producing them, such as stainless steel, glass, stone, silicone, which can be safely sterilized by immersing them in boiling water, we strongly recommend investing in a powerful antibacterial cleaner if you intend to make a double-headed dildo a regular part of your sex life.Similarly, you need to clean them thoroughly before using them. Indeed, it is not just used for vagina, but anus play. Another factor is that not just one people will use it, it should be kept immaculately clean to avoid the transmission of bacteria and potentially even disease between users.

When the time comes to try out the double-headed dildo together, we strongly suggest starting out with a position that involves the two of you facing one another. This might be both of you standing up or kneeling on a bed, or it might be one partner lying down on their back while the other sits or lies on top of them depending on which they find more comfortable. We recommend sticking to these positions during the initial few sessions because they allow you both to maintain communication – you can not only easily hear each other speak and pick up on the noises you are making, but you can keep an eye on your partner’s face to make sure that they are enjoying themselves and are not experiencing any discomfort or pain.

Therefore, you should each take the toy to bed separately to learn exactly what you like. For example, one person might find out that one head is a bit too large for them, while they can easily accept the other, while a different individual might find that they enjoy switching things up regularly. Experimentation is especially important if the double-headed dildo is being used by a lesbian couple because four holes are involved (technically six, if you count mouths!) and what kind of penetration each person likes in each hole might turn out to vary greatly.

Maybe you will feel that one head is comfortable and easy to use when holding on this two-headed dildo adult toy. And it is not stimulating for you to use it to stimulate your anus, clit or cockhead for men, but it seems not comfortable at all. Anyway, a little experience will help you to know all the methods about how to use a new sex toy.

And plus, solo masturbation can be completed when you lie down on your back, and plus, you can even sit on the top of this kind of didos and get on your hands and knees for doggy style action, it seems interesting, right? In fact, many guys have tried this position, and even you can play with it in front of a mirror or let your partner take videos, so you can watch this two sides dildo thrust in and out, it seems stimulating. Again, the experience is very important, if you don’t know what to do, please buy a two-ended dildo for beginners.

Another topic we will talk about is partner play. In fact, double-sided dildo is widely used among group games, or some BDSM games, it seems that it is more popular among partner play. Becue it involves two people, two bodies and two different holes, so you need to have some experiment when using with your parter. What’s more, we are happy to supply you with some truth about how to use it in a proper way. There are so many tips and tricks about how to use them with your partner, I think, there is a need for you to study them for better sex pleasure.

Before you decide to buy a dual-head dildo, then you must know the purpose of it. You had better straight dido or flexible dildo which can be bent. For the U shaped dildo, it is made for solo masturbation, so it is not comfortable if you use it with too many players. After all, we just want a pleased or satisfied sex feeling not a boring sex experience, right?

As suggested in the “Solo Play” section above, it is strongly suggested that both partners take a little bit of time to get to know their new toy on their own before any dual-action sessions involving the both of you. The primary reason for this is that different people have different preferences, and it is important for everyone involved to figure out what they like so that they can get as much pleasure as possible out of the experience.