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This page lists the newest and most popular animal dildos. In any case, for those furry sex toys lovers, lifelike animal dildo can satisfy the novel sexual pleasure. Buy Now, Free Shipping, Privacy Package, Fast Delivery.

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Whether or not you have a sex partner with orgasmic sex skills, you may need to experience a novelty. Animal penis always give you something new to feel compared to a man’s dick. Sex toys have penetrated into people’s lives. And sex preferences are constantly being refreshed. Some people like huge horse dicks. There are also people who like the knotted dog penis. No matter what kind of genitals you like, that’s a normal sex preference. Just like some people like pizza and some people don’t. These animal dildos let you experience wild sex. Whether it’s solo masturbation or couple sex flirting, it does the job well. Don’t hesitate to buy a fancy animal dildo if you want your sex life to improve. Everything will change.

At Uusextoy you can find the most complete collection of animal dildos. There are not only dildos in the shape of animal penis, but also other novel dildos such as elephant trunks and antlers. Specifically: giant horse dildo, dog dildo, moose dildo, seahorse dildo, pony dildo, wolf dildo, furry fox dildo, tiger dildo, and even silicone cocks inspired by African jungles like Elephant dildo, snake dildo, crocodile dildo, tiger dildo and more. In this collection you can find a comprehensive list of animal dildos sex toys according to material, shape, size and stimulation area. However, Uusextoy highlights some popular types.

  • Horse cock dildo. When it comes to discussing which animal you most want to have sex with, horses come out on top. As you know, a horse penis is about 15 to 20 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide before erection. However, the size doubles even more after an erection. And the horse cock dildos makes the experience of horse penis a reality. You can hide it in your handbag. Horse cock sex toys are popular because of their large size. And the classic round glans can fill up the sex holes. Even better, most horse dildos have powerful suction cups. Therefore, you can experience real riding sex. There are horse dildos of many materials on the market now. Examples include wood, glass, and even metal, but the best is still the classic platinum-cured silicone. In general, silicone horse dildos are more expensive. But its feel and longevity are worth the price.
  • Dog cock dildos. As we all know, dogs are man's faithful friends. And the dog cock dildos looks exactly like a male dog's dick. If you're looking for a new twist on sexual stimulation, the dog dildos, which are 6 to 8 inches long and 1.8 inches wide, are perfect for you. It has blood vessel-like threads on its surface, and you can experience double stimulation.

To avoid picking a bad one, you should carefully consider the following points before buying:

  • Is your sex hole tight? If you are new, start with the smallest size. Because that is safe. Too big may render you unusable.
  • Do you prefer hard or soft? Probably a lot of people like hard cocks. Because people always complain that their sex partner's dick doesn't stay erect. Indeed, the stronger animal dildos are easier to insert. But a soft dick is also a lot of fun.
  • Double check the size. You can check the pictures or videos of the products. Pay attention to the size parameters marked by the supplier. Then take a tape measure to measure the reference.
  • Consider the material. The best material is silicone because it is easy to clean and safe to use. Consider whether you like to bend your dildo during insertion. If so, soft or medium is better. If you want something stronger and safe to use then glass dildos is your best bet
  • Note textures, bumps and curves.
  • Pay attention to the girth. If you are tight, it may be difficult when you insert animal dildos that are too thick. If you are a beginner, then you should stick to dildos with a circumference of about 1.5 inches.

Probably in most opinion, animal dildos are only suitable for fetish use with special sexual preferences. However, it is not. This dildo can be used and enjoyed by people of all genders and sexual orientations. And for those with special sexual preferences, animal dildo is the perfect solution.

Cleaning animal dildos can be a challenging process. However, if you buy sex toys from Uusextoy, cleaning becomes easy.

And you should wash your animal dildo before and after each use. Simply wash the silicone animal dildo with warm water and mild soap. Of course, you can also use any sex toy cleaner. Dry with a soft cloth or towel when done.

It is best to wear a condom when you use it to avoid infection. And cleaning will become easier.

After drying, you can store your animal dildo under a pillow or under a nightstand. But it's best stored in a dedicated storage bag.

Animal dildos are great for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Also great for solo and couple use. You can enjoy the wildest sexual excitement with our Animal Dildos collection. These realistic animal dildos are made from materials that are safe for humans. In addition to being 100% body safe, the large animal dildo is durable enough to withstand your wildest moments.

  • Animal dildos are big but flexible; they flex with your body
  • Animal dildos are great sex toys to delve deeper into your sweet spot
  • If you like depth and girth masturbation games then it's an absolute must-have
  • Animal dildos will blow your G-spot and P-spot
  • Prominent suction cups, nodes and ridges texture for added excitement and fun
  • Satisfy any sexual preference.
  • Face your sexual pleasure and enjoy more novelty from these wild animal dildos.