Anal Dildos

At the same time, there are some main orgasms for men or women, like the vagina or anus.

Anal Dildos

At the same time, there are some main orgasms for men or women, like the vagina or anus.

8.3″ Anale Suction Dildo With Realistic Balls

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Shaped design of surface stripe, stimulate g point massage.

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Suction cup dildo is suitable for hotels, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc smooth place.

The most popular Anal Dildos

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Many of us enjoy the feeling of orgasm, it is full of surprises and pleasure.

At the same time, there are some main orgasms for men or women, like the vagina or anus. There are a huge number of sex toys to help to achieve the anus orgasm. Like anal dildos, butt plug, or vibrator sex toys. However, the ways of achieving sex pleasure may sometimes become too reoccurring which arises the need for the more eccentric but highly arousing sexual acts. One of these unconventional acts of sexual pleasure is anal sex or anal play. Known by all, enjoyed fully by everyone who decides to give it a try, anal pleasure is something that opens several ways to intense, hardcore plays which can be tired both solo and with a partner. And anal dildos are the very first, widely known, and celebrated kind of sex toys that can be your savior in this situation of trying out something new.

You will find different styles of dildos when buying. Of course, there are some slight differences as follows. You should buy your favorite types if you are going to buy them. Here, I would like to introduce some common types online.

Various kinds of Design:

First. Classic Style:

This type is the most common stypel among all kinds of dildos. These dildos are much like the vaginal dildos available online. Their design includes a shaft (long or short depending on the size that you choose), head of the dildo, and a base which only a bit wider than the girth of the shaft. These are used as both men and women anal dildos. What’s more, the skin of these dildos often resembles the real skin of a penis and the body is quite flexible as well.

Second. Butt Plugs:

Anal plug sex toys can be used as an anal dildo for prostate massage. At the same time, butt plugs have their own base, so it is more convenient to use. Because the body of the plug is smaller and is inserted completely inside the anus, the flared base helps in taking it out with ease and prevents it from lodging inside the anus. Butt plugs come in various types ranging from vibration, tailed, beaded, to inflatable.

Third. Vibrating Anal Dildos:

Fitted with a small vibrating unit, the vibrator sex toy will make the game more comfortable. On the flip side, these kinds of vibrating sex toys are mostly fitted either near the base of the dildo or in the middle of the shaft. And plus, there are some top quality vibrating dildos adult toys that come with a vibrating unit that evenly distributes the vibrations among all parts.

Forth. Realistic Anal Dildos:

In fact, these realistic dildo sex toys will bring you a real feeling and visual experience. The appearance imitates a real erect penis in every aspect from the natural curve to the popping out of veins, the feel of the skin, flexibility, and the texture. Realistic anal dildos are the best choice for the ones who are looking for a touch of reality in their solo fantasy plays.

Fifth. Ejaculating Anal Dildos:

Also known as squirting anal dildos, these dildos squirt or ejaculate fluid when prompted. They come with a hidden tank or reservoir which can be filled with water or any other fluid of your choice. Later when using the dildo, you use the release valve which squirts that liquid out giving an impression of male orgasm which makes it another good choice to create the impression of real sex.

Seventh. Suction Cup Anal dildos:

Equipped with a suction cup at the base, these dildos can be attached to any flat surface to engage in a hands-free thrusting action. Suction cup anal dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and types including vibrating and ejaculating so there is no shortage for you to find the one that gets your motor running.

Sixth. Anal Beads:

One of the most popular kinds of anal sex toys, anal beads are a godsend when it comes to experiencing anal pleasure which is completely out of this world. Anal beads in form of plugs are mostly available in a size with 3-4 beads attached with a thin but strong string-like structure but anal beads that are intended to be an equivalent of anal dildos are designed with as many as 10-12 beads. The size of the beads also differs. Depending on your level, you have the freedom to choose form smaller in size and number or from the larger variants.


These anal dildos have various shapes. Some are straight, some are made from silicone and it is a prostate stimulation shape. Now, we cannot say it is the end now, you would also find curved and butt plug shapes. Different types, different sex pleasure, and different prices. Still, multilevel dildos are often found in the beaded anal dildos. Multilevel dildos often have smaller beads on the head which increase in size as you move backward. Sometimes the measurement is reversed starting with bigger beads on the head to change the feeling.